Still sewing, just not blogging something needed to give way in my life to make way for "simple". But I do like sharing my work with you and these are some favorite images I took recently. If you don't mind me clogging up your instagram feed every now and then you will find me there maggieandsparrow.


Grey Fantail

Sometime ago my client commissioned me to make these Quilts Fairy Martin and Singing Honey Eater for her daughters. When their little brother laid eyes on them he too wanted a quilt all of his own to snuggle and cuddle under!!




The dove bird a symbol of peace. Beauty, softness, luxury, relaxation and peace are the characteristics I was envisioning this quilt to be when I was selecting fabrics. Lauren from London wrote to me asking me to make her mother (a country girl at heart) a pretty green, pink and cream quilt for her 60th birthday.

With a stint in hospital for treatment coming up Lauren wanted her mother to take this quilt into hospital with her to remind her of home as she goes through some tough times. I can only hope this quilt bought her comfort and warmth with all that is represents, especially the love of her family.


Little Curlew

Claire turned 19 and her mum commissioned me to make her a quilt, matching pillow case and a couple of birdie cushions to throw on her bed too! I was asked to create something girlie that would grow with her in muted shades of pink, blue, burgundy and greys, I threw in khaki and lemon to high light the vintage fabric sample with the two birds that I used as my main inspiration. The quilting stitch is overlapping love hearts, I thought this to be very symbolic as its a gift from a mother to her child and that love is incredibly special particularly in my clients case :-) right Karen!!


Golden Eagle

Amongst my back log of completed works is this quilt I made for Marco, ordered way back when....... but only just completed in April but that's how I roll these days!!! I called it Golden Eagle as it has soared off to North Carolina amongst other reasons.

Once again I was given a blank canvas, I had free range to make whatever I felt like creating. The only requests from my client was that it be king size, and most importantly I was asked to put a lot of love into it. I was his fairy godmother quilt maker!. Marco gave me an insight into his past, present, family, friends his loves and dislikes as well as his hobbies and travels I drew on all that to dream up this creation.

P.S sorry its been so long between posts, it wasn't my intention only it hasn't been my priority either..........The short version is LB just had her 7th Birthday and is enjoying being in grade 1. BB just turned 3 on the weekend and her their little brother LO is 16 months our days are full of love and madness! MB has recovered from his injury and going well with his wine business......and me well....lets just say I'm trying to keep life as simple as I can....xx Kathryn


Summer Bird


Headed to Bribie Island QLD......the quilt that is not me......would be nice though!!!!!

A celebration is being held for a little babe turning one. As she is a Summer baby I thought this name would suit.  I was asked to create a quilt for her special gift using some of the fabrics from 'The Grey Teal"  and the "White Crowned Sparrow" as well as a few others she had spotted throughout this blog. Turns out to be a sweet collaboration of muted shades in grey, cream, baby blue, pink, teal and oatmeal.


Wood Sandpiper


I had no design constraints when it came to making this bespoke quilt for my client to give as a wedding present. I decided to try a new patchwork design that I had been wanting to experiment with for a while. I had no pattern to work from which was strange at first as I usually take a while working out my dimensions, this time I just cut random shapes and sizes. 

It was actually quite tricky to come up with the choices of fabric as I am usually given a colour base to start from but as I had total free range I decided on using many hand screen printed fabrics from Australian designers as well as a lot of organic cottons and natural linens.I used a simple cream cotton fabric for the backing to show off the quilting.

And although I do love making quilts to match the desires of my clients. It felt very liberating creating this piece which is solely my vision.

I sooooo wanted to keep this one!!! I know I will never be able to re-create quite the same.