My next project is for a darlin little girl with the most delightful name. I wont tell you who yet as her mama is a fellow blogger that most of you will know of.

My client shared a link to some posters that I could use as inspiration. I loved the apple one so much I ordered one for BB3s nursery.

As well as having these posters as a tool for inspiration my client also told me she loved the little girl on the swing fabric I used in this quilt for a client in New York.  But instead of a pink background I thought the same fabric with a grey background would work better with this theme.

The other fabrics I selected are a mix of mustard yellow, grey, pink, turquoise, with hints of olive, teal, aubergine and lilac. I dug deep into my vintage stash for this project. Adding in some beautiful florals as well as a favorite fabric,  my most recent score the teal floral with a birdie of course!

I have named this quilt after the bird species the Grey Teal as it is one of the many birds that frequent our home.


one claire day said...

I bet I know exactly who this is for ;)

beautiful selection. can't wait to see how it turns out x

Lizeylou said...

Oh those bottom 2 fabrics are stunning!
I think I can guess who this is going to also - a lovely family indeed!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous fabric selection. I would love a quilt in these fabrics myself!

AGTW said...

I love the 2 bottom fabrics as well. Do you have a lot of the little girl on the swing fabric?

bron @ baby space said...

oooh, exciting project. I love the apple print too :)

Betsy B said...

You always have an amazing selection of fabrics to make a girl drool!