Catus Wren

I made Catus Wren for a friend, I made it within a week of her having her baby. Not knowing if her wee bump was a boy or girl we went for a quilt that would be neutral to both. Not only that but something anyone in her family could grab and curl under. There are quite a few vintage fabrics which I have used for the first time, including the cactus fabric for the back of the quilt.  And I chose a charcoal linen fabric for the edging. 

We did a trade of services I made her this quilt and she, Sarah Furzer designed and illustrated the adorable wombat and bunny fabric exclusively for M&S. I asked for the theme to incorporate a wombat in a woodland setting. I just love what she has done. We then went on to have the image hand screen printed. My plan is to incorporate the fabric in a run of limited edition quilts. then who knows from there......its been a fun project to dapple in, especially as I got to work with a wonderful, talented and inspiring friend .


Imogen Eve said...

A lovely, warm quilt. What a fun collaboration.

MissBean said...

So lovely! So jealous right now.